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We will make this on Sunday -- just for reference.
Wow, guys. I just made this for supper, thinking we'd have so many leftovers... We're only two people, and usually we split a chicken breast for the meat part of the meal if we're having chicken.

And... we totally killed off two of these between us.

It's surprisingly easy to make, and really good. It might need a little salt added to the stuffing, but I'd say rely on personal taste for that. ^__^

Spinach-Stuffed Chicken Breast.
I clearly need a cooking icon. Some of these recipes are really simple, some of them more complex. They're all tested and scored well with my roommate and me. All high on flavor. ^__^

Chicken recipe dump, GO!

Sweet Orange Chicken )

Honey-Mustard and Garlic Chicken )

Crispy Cracker Chicken )

Cilantro Chicken )

Aaaaand for something completely different... Honey Mustard-Glazed Salmon with Sweet-and-Sour Relish! )
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This is a Japanese autumn stew, called nikujaga, 'Meat and Potatoes'; if you use TVP (textured vegetable protein AKA soy meat) instead of the meat, it would be vegan. I learned the recipe from an actual Japanese bloke who was studying in Munich, ages ago -- OMG was that the autumn of 1991? I have cooked this for lots of people, at interesting times of my life. It was always welcome, and did them good.-

Cut for great amount of pictures and random cat content )

[[pictures taken by [livejournal.com profile] nazgulwears]]
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Chicken ragout, very traditionally German -- recipe is in German


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