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Ahhhh Don Alphonso posted a recipe, and I'm stuck at work, so far away from all pumpkins...

Sorry, link is in German -- but if he tells me how to make the pasta dough, I'll translate it here. It's worth it!

ETA: Now with recipe in English (translation by me):

Dough: Flour, one egg, two splashes of tomato juice; and whatever still crumbles gets taken care of with water. Start with the egg. That should be enough for two people. Pur into fridge for two hours.

Filling: Finely grate the pumpkin and press out the liquid, add a handful of parmesan cheese and some very finely chopped onion and a tablespoon of sugar.

Roll out small dollops of dough until very thin and round. Put in filling and fold over; press out the air while closing. Drop into boiling water for three minutes.

Sauce: Put some butter in a saucepan, add some finely chopped leek greens and rocket, fry a little then add three teaspoons of the cooking water. When the pasta emerges from the bubbling inferno, put on a plate and dribble the butter sauce over it.

Do click the link, though: - the pictures are mouth-watering and need no translation!!
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Risotto of very noble and expensive mushrooms that look somewhat phallic.

Pictures -- mostly worksafe, I would say.

Recipe -- as worked out in dialogue with blogger Don Alphoso

[[Recipe and picture post are in German]]


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